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Eminent Domain/Condemnation--This occurs when the government or a utility company needs to take your property from you for a public project such as building a new road, utility line, school or airport.  If this happens to you, you are entitled to be paid fair market value (or more) for the taking of your property.

Minimum Compensation--This is a form of compensation that you may be entitled to receive that goes beyond the simple fair market value of your property if the government is taking your property from you.  In many cases on which Mr. Morphew has worked, minimum compensation resulted in his clients receiving a payment far in excess of the value of their property.

Relocation Benefits/Commercial and Residential Claims--When you are forced to move your business or from your residence as a result of the government's taking of your property, there are many significant payments you may be entitled to receive under both State and Federal law.  Without a lawyer that fully understands this complex area of the law, you may not receive all of the benefits for which you may be entitled.

Loss of Going Concern--If the taking of your property forces you to go out of business or to move your business to a new trade area, you may be entitled to receive the lost value of your business.

Inverse Condemnation--If you think the government may be putting your property to a public use and it did not pay you for that use, you may be able to compel the government to pay you for your property and the government may have to pay you for all of the attorneys' fees you incur in bringing your claim.

Special Assessments--This is when the government wants to assess you for the costs it has to incur in improving a public service, such as new sewer projects, new roads, curbs and gutters.  If the project does not increase the value of your property by the amount the government wants to charge you, that is against the law and you have the right to challenge the amount of that assessment.

Land Use/Planning and Zoning--This is when you want to put your property to a certain use, but the government denies your request for a variance, conditional use permit or zoning change request.

Real Estate Law--Transactions and Litigation

Landlord-Tenant--Commercial and Residential

Civil Litigation

Appellate Litigation

Criminal Law

Family Law

Personal Injury

In addition to the legal advice Mr. Morphew can provide to you, Morphew Law Office, P.L.L.C. has access to many of the best experts in these areas of the law, including real estate and fixture appraisers, business valuation experts, land use planners, minimum compensation analysts, relocation consultants, surveyors and commercial and residential moving experts.  You can feel confident that Morphew Law Office, P.L.L.C. will find the right expert to assist you with your case and to assist you with maximizing your chances for a successful outcome.

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