Morphew Law Office Files Inverse Condemnation Lawsuit Against the City of Zimmerman

On August 24, 2016, Morphew Law Office, PLLC, filed suit against the City of Zimmerman, MN, related to the uncompensated taking of its clients property.  The City of Zimmerman forcibly removed a custom-built fireplace, benches and landscaping from the property owned by the clients of Morphew Law Office for the purposes of creating a public access, park and beach on Lake Fremont without paying just compensation to the property owners.  The property owners made numerous attempts to resolve the matter with the City of Zimmerman without having to resort to litigation.  However, the City of Zimmerman refused to accept that it did not own an easement for the public to use to access Lake Fremont and refused to pay the property owners for the taking of their property.  When the property owners attempted to inform members of the public that their property could not be used as a public beach they were threatened with physical violence and intimidation.  This left the property owners with no choice but to pursue litigation against the City of Zimmerman.

Brynne Turner