Your home and property are important to your livelihood. As you face legal concerns regarding your home and property, you need a real estate lawyer near you who can help you with your specific concerns. At Morphew Law Office, we are a Minneapolis-based real estate law office that can walk you through your real estate legal issues from start to finish.


land use
& zoning

What do you do with your home remodel or construction project when your city denies your request for a variance or zoning change? That's where we come in. Our staff at Morphew Law Office is ready to help you navigate the legal red tape of land use and zoning. 


& litigation

Real estate transactions are serious business. You need a trusted resource that can give you legal advice about your real estate rights. We, at Morphew Law Office, are ready to help with transactions and litigation. 


& tenant 

Whether you are the landlord or the tenant, you may be experiencing some legal troubles when it comes to resolving a conflict with your rental property. Partner with us to help you navigate your rental legal issues.