The government may need more than a portion of your property and it may need you to relocate to accommodate its project. Homeowners and business owners alike can experience a forced relocation when the government starts a public improvement project. It's important for you to know your rights and how relocation benefits law can protect your investment. Our experienced staff at Morphew Law Office are ready to help you receive the best compensation for your forced move. 


relocation benefits
commercial & residential

When the government takes your property and you are forced to move your business or residence, there are many significant payments you may be entitled to receive under both state and federal law. Without a lawyer that fully understands this complex area of the law, you may not receive all of the benefits to which you may be entitled. We, Morphew Law Office, are your experienced relocation benefits lawyers and are here to help you navigate a forced relocation. 


loss of going concern
for business owners

If the taking of your property forces you to go out of business or to move your business to a new trade area, you may be entitled to receive the lost value of your business. We are ready to assist in a full compensation for loss of business. 



If you think the government may be utilizing your property for public use without paying you for that use, you may be entitled to compensation. We at Morphew Law Office have experience with these cases and can help you determine if the government can be compelled to pay you for your property and the attorney fees you incur when filing your claim.