The government is planning a big construction project, but the upcoming improvement will need a portion or all of your property. You've been offered compensation, but how do you know this is a fair price for a potential decrease in value? Our staff at Morphew Law Office specialize in eminent domain law and can help you navigate the complicated process of maximizing the amount of compensation you can receive for the forced taking of your property. 


eminent domain law

Eminent domain occurs when the government or a utility company needs to take your property from you for a public project such as building a new road, utility line, school or airport. You are entitled to be paid fair market value (or more) for the taking of your property, and we can help. 


Minimum Compensation

If your government is taking your property from you, you may be entitled to receive beyond the simple fair market value of your property (also called minimum compensation). In many of our previous cases, minimum compensation resulted in our clients receiving a payment far in excess of the value of their property.


special assessments

Special assessments occur when your government wants to assess you for the costs it has to incur in improving a public service, such as new sewer projects, new roads, curbs and gutters. If the project does not increase the value of your property by the amount the government wants to charge you, that is against the law and you have the right to challenge the amount of that assessment.