How Minneapolis Eminent Domain Can Impact You

Eminent domain can impact both small business and homeowners alike. Your city can choose to use your property for their next improvement project, so it's important for you to know the facts. 

What is eminent domain? 

Your city has launched their next major improvement project. The only problem? They need your property. Eminent domain occurs when your government takes or uses your property for a construction project such as building a new road, utility line, school or airport. When eminent domain occurs, you are entitled to fair market compensation for any loss of value or property. 

Learn more about eminent domain

Watch this short video with a real life example of eminent domain and it's impact on homeowners. 

Eminent domain law and your property

Eminent domain can impact both home and small business owners. Your city can use part or all of your property for their next project. Morphew Law has the experience and knowledge you need to help you navigate real estate law and receive fair market compensation. 

Danielle Allen