Minneapolis Eminent Domain Attorney - Jon W. Morphew Reelected as Vice-President of the Minnesota Eminent Domain Institute

Morphew Law Office is excited to announce that at the Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Eminent Domain Institute (MEDI) on March 28, 2018, attorney, Jon W. Morphew, was reelected for a second term as the Vice-President of MEDI.  At that same meeting, Mr. Morphew was also reelected as a member of the Board of Directors of MEDI.  


MEDI is an organization comprised of Minnesota attorneys who practice primarily in the area of eminent domain.  The purpose of MEDI is to promote legislation and to advance case law that will protect the rights of property owners, tenants and displaced persons throughout the state.  MEDI is intended, in part, to serve as a counterbalance to the extensive lobbying and litigation efforts currently conducted by a wide variety of government-sponsored organizations, such as the League of Minnesota Cities.

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