What is eminent domain?


Eminent domain is the inherent right of the government to take some or all of a person’s property for a public use. For example, they could take some or all of your land for a new public park, road, school, hospital, airport or utility line. Both the United States and Minnesota Constitutions require the government to pay the property owner for the taking of their land for such projects. In particular, the last part of the fifth amendment states that private property cannot be taken for public use unless the owner of the land is fairly compensated. The power of eminent domain is possessed by almost every level of the government, including counties, cities, townships, housing authorities and economic development authorities. Even some private entities like railroads and utility companies have the power of eminent domain.

It is the job of our eminent domain lawyer to make sure you get fair compensation, which is evaluated by the market value. Contact our law office today if your Minneapolis property is going to be taken under the government’s power of eminent domain.