Who can use eminent domain?


The power of eminent domain is generally used by the government to take private property and to put it to a public use. However, certain private entities such as utility companies and railroads have been given the power of eminent domain by the government.  Despite this, no matter what entity is taking private property, they can only do so if they pay the owner just compensation. The determination of what constitutes just compensation for the forced taking of property is very difficult to determine and must be addressed on a case by case basis as each property is unique. This is why you need an experienced team of attorneys, appraisers, site planners and possibly engineers on your side if your property is being taken. The government has not duty to act in the best interests of the property owner and the government is represented by its own team as well.  If your property is being taken, it is quite likely you are being offered something far less than what constitutes just compensation. Contact our eminent domain attorney to find out what your options are.