Why should I get a real estate lawyer?

When it comes to buying a piece of property or legal disputes over property, you may need the assistance of an experienced real estate attorney to assist you. There are great agents that know some parts of the law, but they are not licensed to practice law or able to provide legal advice. Only professional real estate lawyers know all legal questions that you may have. If you plan to rent out part of your new home, there were new additions recently added onto the house, there are harmful insects or leaking chemicals found in an inspection, or have more complicated contracts, a real estate lawyer will have more options and information available to you.

You may also become involved in a dispute involving real estate. This could include boundary line disputes with your neighbors, zoning code violations, or easement disputes that a very difficult for the average property to understand or be able to resolve on their own. An experienced real lawyer can also help with these problems as well. Contact us if you would like legal advice with real estate.