Minneapolis real estate attorney on I-694 Construction Wrap Up and what it means for business owners


It’s been a long, frustrating couple of years, but the road construction on I-694 in the northern metro is finally wrapping up. As a Minneapolis real estate attorney, I know that construction can impact business owners. Business owners and homeowners alikeare looking forward to saying good-bye to orange cones, surprise traffic patterns and congested cattle chutes. But by November, the $35 million project should finally be completed, and business owners along the I-694 corridor can finally breathe sighs of relief.

What the I-694 Construction Project Accomplished

Aside from a lot of headaches for area businesses, the I-694 construction project increased the highway’s capacity, making it easier for commuters, local traffic, and freight haulers to travel through the region. It rebuilt the road and added a third lane in each direction between the Rice Street and Lexington Avenue interchanges. The project also rebuilt several interchange ramps and added a noise wall on the south side of the highway in Shoreview.

What the I-694 Reconstruction Means for Your Business


With closed interchanges and through traffic relegated to a no-exit center lane, the I-694 project has been a burden for area businesses. Not only has it reduced foot traffic from highway travelers, it’s delayed shipments and deliveries for many businesses. Heavy traffic has affected employees’ productivity and work schedules.

Good News for Business Owners

But come November, area businesses can expect these burdens to lift. You’ll be able to provide clear, reliable directions to your customers on how to get to your location, while the extra lanes should make it easier and faster for your customers to get to you.

Consider celebrating the end of the project and its negative impact on your business by hosting a grand re-opening celebration for your employees and customers. Spread the word on social media and within your network that you’re still open for business. Take this time to update your exterior signage so I-694 travelers can find you.

Future Construction Plans

While the I-694 project is wrapping up, you can still expect to see construction along the route next year. MNDot plans to rebuild the Rice St. interchange, a project with drastic changes that we’ll cover in a future blog post. There’s no rest for the weary during Minnesota construction season!

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