Minnepolis Real Estate Attorney Morphew Law Obtains Significant Eminent Domain Awards on Behalf of Normandale Boulevard Clients

On September 26, 2017, Morphew Law Office, a Minneapolis real estate attorney, received the eminent domain decisions of the commissioners for the ten property owners it was representing in Bloomington, MN. These clients were having parts of their properties taken to accommodate Hennepin County's Normandale Boulevard Project. 

Eminent Domain Compensation Received 

On average, Morphew Law Office was able to obtain additional compensation that was ten times higher than the amounts originally offered to the property owners by Hennepin County at the beginning of the project.  The two highest awards were thirty times and seventeen times higher than the amounts originally offered by Hennepin County.  Most important is that four of the decisions issued by the commissioners exceeded the $25,000 threshold necessary for the property owners to seek reimbursement for the costs and attorney's fees they incurred.  These pictures show some of the construction related interference that the property owners had to suffer during construction of the road.


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